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A multi-fandom version of PostSecrets
Inspired by PostSecret, 1970's mail-art, Nick Bantock, and the human penchant for poking in other people's correspondence, we present:

Fandom Postcards

The Rules
Please note that as this community grows the rules can change.

A. Posting
1) Indicate the fandom on the subject line. (eg) Teen Titans TV series; or if you want the guessing game to be more difficult-- DC TV series.

2) Put all postcards under an lj-cut. It doesn't matter if you have one lj-cut per card or one cut for all the cards just as long as the entry doesn't eat up the whole friendslist and/or take an hour to upload. And on that note...

3) Only 9 postcards per entry and only two entries per person per day. Why 9? Because I like the number 9. I which there was a technical reason, but that's it.

4) If you'd like the rest of the comm to guess who the postcard is from, white-text the characters' names. Highlighting will reveal all.

5) Lable non-worksafe images clearly BEFORE the lj-cut and also through the Adult Content menu. This includes nudity (yes, even the artsy nudes), postcards with offensive words in very visible text, and anything with Kevin Federline.

6) Even if you don't post any secrete, please feel free to guess at the senders through the comments.

B. Content
1) Postcards should be created under a character's POV.
This may seem obvious, but you'll never know; it might've been a long day without any wine or chocolate and your wires could get crossed. If you'd like to reveal a deep dark secret via a postcard, you can go here or here. It wouldn't work on this LJ anyway; we'd be able to see your username in the entry.

2) You can create a postcard based on someone else's fic providing you (i) have the author's permission and (ii) credit the author somewhere in the post, preferably the subject line.

3) Postcard content doesn't have to be a deep, dark secret. They can be imaginary vacation pics (Very muggy, Dagobah is. Wishing you were here, I do not. Huggles, Yoda.), Christmas cards, notes tossed in class (OMG, Mcgonagall is teh hawtz0rz!), etc. Be creative!

4) There is no rule 4. I'm just power-tripping.

5) There will be no RPF/RPS postcards just because I'm afraid it'll turn into a headache. Using a picture of Lance Bass to reveal Oropher's alcoholism is one thing; using a picture of Lance Bass to reveal Lance Bass' alcoholism is another.

Please visit the following sites to get an idea of what to do.
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